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Thessaloniki - SNF Dialogues

Since 315 B.C., Thessaloniki has occupied a special place in history.
From the Roman to the Byzantine to the Ottoman Empire, and on to becoming the largest industrial center in Southeast Europe, the city’s distinctive personality has been shaped by its diverse inhabitants.
Over the centuries, Thessaloniki has been home to people of many different ethnicities, religions, cultures, beliefs, and traditions.
It has become a multifaceted cultural and historical reference point, not only for Greece, but for Europe.
Some have called it “the new Berlin.”


Created by Odd Bleat

Direction | Script | Creative Direction: Yannis Zoumakis, Manos Gerogiannis

Design: Yannis Zoumakis, Spyros Loran
Animation: Manos Gerogiannis, Spyros Loran, Stefanos Pletsis,

Sound | Music Production: Nikos Michalodimitrakis - MD Recording Studio

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