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Snfcc Xmas 2020 - Here and there

SNFCC stands for Stavros Niarchos Cultural Center located in Athens Greece. It is a cultural center which attracts visitors from all around the country.

Christmas is a very special period for a SNFCC. Thousands of people visit SNFCC to celebrate Christmas. 


For 4rth time in a row we created a Christmas World for SNFCC.

This Year, due to Covid 19, everything is different. It was a tough year for everyone. By the end of September, when we started discussing the project with the SNFCC team, everything was in the air. 


We didn’t even know, if December the 1st (the day that traditionally SNFCC Celebrations starts every year), we would be in lockdown. It was really hard for SNFCC to schedule the celebrations and the events, as they didn't know if it would be allowed for people to come or if the whole schedule would be presented through an online stream.


So it was difficult for us to develop a concept for this weird situation.

So we came up with the concept “Here and There”. We imagined some diverse characters to be at their homes, during lockdown, doing their everyday activities and suddenly a window will open on the screen in order to reveal the same character but in a totally different situation. 


Each character from his home is suddenly being transferred into a christmas situation participating in SNFCCs events and activities. So the character metaphorically lives “Here and There” at the same time, in order to give the feeling that in one way or another, during a lockdown or not, we will be together and we will celebrate Christmas with SNFCC. 


What a year for our characters as well! We really hope that we will not see them in masks again.

Characters, Design Elements

Same as every year, for the SNFCC’s Christmas campaign, we design a batch of diverse characters to be the protagonists of our little stories. We needed characters from all ages and ethnicities (and sometimes pets or animal characters) as SNFCC welcomes everyone. We also designed many elements and props in order to create our scenes and start the animation.