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Revolut Animated Loops

Revolut offers a range of digital banking services in a mobile app targeted at young tech-savvy users

During the Covid lockdown of April 2020, Revolut approached us in order to create some stickers, GIFs and animated cards, for their new app. The users would attach these cards when sending money to someone else,  through the Revolut app.

There were 8 core subjects. We were asked to create concepts, direct, illustrate and animate:

1. Staycation
2. House Party - Bedroom Beers
3. Happy birthday
4. Shopping (split the cost)
5. Roadtrip
6. Date Night
7. Long Distance Relationship
8. Freedom

How to - Video Edit  (Watch below↓)

Sketches and Concepts ↓

Styleframes ↓

Video Edit (watch below↓)​​​​​​​

We just love watching all those little actions together, so we made a short edit, we added some music and sound design in order to make this universe even more alive.​​​​

Client: Revolut
Created by Odd Bleat
Direction | Script | Creative Direction: Yannis Zoumakis, Manos Gerogiannis
Design: Yannis Zoumakis
2D Animation: Manos Gerogiannis, Spyros Loran, Andreas Maris
Cell Animation: Alexandros Apostolakis

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