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Dr. Corona

Dr. Corona, is a fictional character we created during the COVID-19 outbreak.

When the situation in Italy started to escalate, we knew it wouldn’t be too late till we start facing the consequences of the pandemic here in Greece. At that point we started to discuss what we could do in order to contribute in our way to the fight against the virus.

We wanted to create many small and funny videos which are easy to share with the tips of what to do, in order to stop the spread of the virus. For this reason we created Dr. Corona. A character who explains the seriousness of the situation, in funny and simple tips. We really do not know for how long Dr. Corona will continue sharing his advice, but as we move forward, the tips will change according to the current situation.

As our studio is now scattered across our homes, we continue to work on our projects and on Dr. Corona as well, trying to stay creative and positive in this crazy-like-living-in-a-movie situation. 

Our thoughts are with the Doctors and Nurses who are fighting the virus at the frontlines.

Lot’s of love to everyone and stay inside!


Gifs and Loops ↓

Created by Odd Bleat
Direction | Script | Creative Direction: Yannis Zoumakis, Manos Gerogiannis
Design: Yannis Zoumakis
2D Animation: Manos Gerogiannis, Spyros Loran, 

Sound Design: Md Recording Studio

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